Weekend Wild Swim & Breath Work Retreat

Explore these enriching practices:
breathe swim relax restore repeat depth  

Join us on our open-water swimming and breathwork retreat.

Devote an entire weekend to nurturing your mind, body and soul.

Give yourself the gift of time by attending our inspirational weekend wild swimming and breathwork retreat.

By combining their complementary practices, WILD EDGE SWIM coach Ella Turk-Richards and yoga and breath work teacher Anna De Vere, who runs Wild Breath, have created a perfectly balanced programme of open-water swimming and holistic breathwork.

Their bespoke, small-group weekend retreat will focus on restoration and renewal. You’ll gain insight into and make progress within your open-water swim journey and be carefully coached through breathwork exercises that support you in the process of release and self-discovery.

qualified practitioners

wild edge swim coach

Ella Turk-Richards

Learning with


Ella offers open-water coaching sessions, helping swimmers acclimatise and develop their technique in the beautiful coastal waters of West Penwith.

On the retreat, she will tailor the swimming sessions to meet your needs, helping you to swim more efficiently and gain greater confidence in the sea.

What’s involved?


Your swimming session will last for around 75 to 90 minutes, of which 35 to 40 minutes will be spent in the sea.
The main session will take place during the best weather and sea conditions for that day.

If time and conditions allow, there will also be a second, shorter swim with a different focus that dovetails with the flow of the day’s activities.

you will be guided through sea safety awareness and then foundations of a particular stroke, alongside tips for adjusting your swim technique for sea swimming.

this session will focus on progressions from the first day for each individual in their swim technique and follow with further tips for open water swimming.

Group sizes for wild swim sessions are small in order to create a bespoke retreat for each of the participants.

Sea swimming experience

You need to be able to swim at least 200 metres continuously (taking a short break while completing this distance is acceptable).

Previous experience in open-water swimming/dipping is required.

Should there be sufficient demand, I will run a retreat specifically for swimmers who have no open-water experience. Please enquire for further details.

A wetsuit, goggles, swim cap and tow float must be worn.
Please check out the SWIM KIT LIST for further information.

Devote an entire weekend
to nurturing
your mind, body and soul.

Learning with

Wild Breath

Yoga and breathwork teacher Anna is passionate about enabling others to experience the healing benefits of breathing, which can help to combat the stress of modern life and enhance wellbeing.

She teaches breathwork practices to support ‘re-wilding’ (getting in touch with your essential nature), exploring somatic (physical) movement, embodiment and relaxation techniques.

Anna De VEre

Yoga and breathwork teacher

What’s involved?


Your breathwork sessions will run for 75 to 90 minutes each day.
The weekend retreat will allow you to further deepen your experience of and relationship with breathwork.

You will explore both ancient and modern breath and movement techniques, building breath capacity and learning daily practices for self-regulation that can support your physical and emotional health in a myriad of ways.

The session will end with a deep restorative relaxation. These classes are designed to release pent-up tension from the body and balance the nervous system, leaving you in a calm, rested and energised space.

Breathwork experience

No previous experience is necessary.


This retreat is in conjunction with local specialist businesses.
Please book through those venues.

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