Registration Form:




I am excited to begin working with you and am thrilled you have chosen Wild Edge Swim.

In order to create swim sessions tailored to your needs and goals I need some information regarding your ability, health, swim related interests and experience.

There will also be a disclaimer form for you to sign regarding associated risks with open water swimming and also if applicable, acknowledgement of additional risks, should you meet the criteria set out for and wish to swim without a wetsuit in the coaching session.

Registration Form:

Please complete and submit the form below at least one full day before your first session.

Please give details of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to swim in cold water and/or your participation in a swim coaching session.
If you have a condition that may be affected by cold water immersion and open water swimming you must consult your doctor before undertaking a swim session.
Having checked with your GP that you can participate in open water swimming, if your condition changes, please notify us and seek further medical help before continuing with swim sessions.


Please use the slider to say how confident you are you in open water? (1=no confidence, 5=very confident)

It may be necessary to video record or photograph swimmers for use in technique analysis or business promotion.
This footage may be shared on business social media platforms and the official WILD EDGE SWIM website.

In accordance with current Covid 19 Government guidelines we must maintain social distancing at all times, where possible.
If you are suffering from any Covid 19 symptoms you must not attend the scheduled session and must follow government guidelines in relation to your isolation recovery period before rebooking a session.

Any information disclosed is securely kept in accordance with data protection regulations.

By signing and submitting this form I acknowledge that all the information provided is correct and that I have provided all relevant information regarding my health and open water swimming ability.

I understand and accept the risks associated with open water swimming, which includes the risk of serious personal injury, death and loss of personal property.

I agree to abide by any safety measures put in place by WILD EDGE SWIM and by any neccesary local measures on the day of the swim session, including Covid19 Guidelines.

I am fit physically and mentally to take part in open water swimming. I will not swim if I am sick/ill, with exposed wounds, or while recovering from illness.

I have read and will adhere to the rules stipulated in the WILD EDGE SWIM Session Guidelines.