Fundraiser swim

for Pz Pontoon

Let’s make this happen!

Friday 7th July, Newlyn to Battery Rocks (Penzance) Swim, 6pm, 6.30pm water start.

Let’s get involved to help the incredibly dynamic team Emily Evans, Magdalena Peakall and Sue Hardwood realise this wonderful new feature for our area. (More info at the bottom of this page)

Fill in a booking form (registration form in top left menu, choose guided swim option)

Donations to be made before or on the day of swim to:


Fundraiser Swim

You need to be able to have comfortably swum at least 1000 meters or more in the sea within the last few weeks.
Please state what distance you swim in the last month on the form.

Ella Turk-Richards is a fully qualified beach lifeguard so you are in safe hands.

The Pontoon

As our swim community in Penzance continues to grow, which is bringing more visitors into our local swim areas to explore and meet like-minded open water swimmers, we feel this pontoon would bring a focal point; a fun, free, healthy and safe activity for a growing community to enjoy.

As swim enthusiasts, we have visited swim pontoons (or dive platforms as they are also called) around the coast of Cornwall, and recently visited the one in Fowey & St Mawes.

They are hugely popular and are appearing in quite a few outdoor swim spots, but none in West Penwith. In our research, we have been in close contact with those who installed two pontoons in Plymouth (also achieved through local funding) and they’ve been helpful in providing us with lots of the technical and practical information we need.

We have spoken to communities in other areas of Cornwall that have swim pontoons, they say they are hugely appreciated and enjoyed by local swimmers and other water enthusiasts alike.